Thursday, December 8, 2016

Bump Photography

Bump pictures are a fun part of pregnancy. I'm so lucky that my husband's hobby is photography and we have a studio set up in our home. Photo credits to Jonathan Li Photography. But even if you don't have access to a studio or cannot afford professional maternity pictures, there are plenty of easy ideas to document your pregnancy!

I would encourage every mom to take some type of pregnancy progression picture! They don't have to be in a studio. Just pick a place in your house (any blank wall will do) and take a picture in a consistent pose every month. We reduced to just 3 pregnant pictures for the final picture below, 12 weeks, 24 weeks, and 36 weeks, but we took a picture each month. Pick an outfit that will grow with you or one you can modify - I started out in my regular jeans and a black v-neck t-shirt and changed to maternity jeans and a black v-neck maternity t-shirt with the gathering on the side. 

Keep in mind - Posture is key! Your bump will look the biggest and the best when you are posed in a quarter turn. Also pay attention to your feet, placing one slightly in front of the other. You hands can be used on the top and/or bottom of your bump to accentuate it.

First publicly posted "Bump" picture at 20 weeks. This was taken in our backyard:

24 Week pictures in the studio:

The most difficult thing for us was taking pictures together because he had to use a tripod and get the shot set up ahead of time. I am a little jealous of the beautiful "couple maternity" pictures my husband has taken for our pregnant friends!

Here I am standing in a not flattering way at 27 weeks as my husband set up the shot:

And here is our best picture from the day:

These are in our front yard. Our cherry blossoms were blooming at the end of March and I remember I was COLD during this session as the sun was setting and the temperature dropping. But I love these 28 week pictures: 

Below are my Pinterest idea photo copy attempts!  The post which inspired me is Here.  I'm 32 weeks here:

This was our last outdoor photo session and it's my least favorite. I'm not crazy about the dress. You can see a little of the blue blanket I'm sitting on...this field may look nice in the picture but it was not! It was horrible to traipse through and I complained a lot to my husband during this session...

Here is our last couple picture at 37 weeks:

This is the last photo session I did and I absolutely LOVE these active poses:

You will never regret taking too many pictures during your pregnancy! I wish we had done some "on location" shots at the lake or downtown. Get your camera out and take some pictures ladies!

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