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Hi and welcome to my blog! I’m a registered nurse with a background in pediatrics, a reader, a baker, and a mountain biker. I've also, most recently, become "mama" to two terrific little boys.

I had many preconceived notions before I gave birth to my first son and I changed a lot of them as my son grew. I've read perhaps too much about parenting, especially some of the buzz worthy topics including: attachment parenting, elimination training, and baby-led weaning. Ultimately, through many parenting successes and failures, I decided those particular approaches were not for me. I believe there is no one right way to parent and what works beautifully for one family may not work for another. 

I'm very lucky that I have a job where I work mostly full-time from home and I was fortunate to find a wonderful nanny to provide childcare in my home during my workday. I love that I can get my toddler ready for breakfast, share lunch with him, and breastfeed my baby - all around my workday. And I definitely don't miss the commute to the office!

My "mom" passions include making baby food, keeping a healthy home, and marveling as my sons grow! 

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My kids and me:

April 2017

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