Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Mid-Week Musings

It's been a rough week so far...from temper tantrums to dog seizures...

I'm going to talk quite a bit about my dog here. If you don't have a 4-legged child, scroll on down :-)

Frisco joined my family almost 9 years ago. He was my best and favorite companion for many years. He gets a little less attention now, but he enjoys our growing family. He likes to notify us if a baby is crying and loves getting pets from the nanny who is also a dog lover. He's slowing up a little and no longer runs with my husband, but he loves his walks and enjoys chasing a stick in the yard. He tries to catch the neighborhood rabbits, but he never succeeds...possibly because of the leash though! Here's one of my favorite family pictures with him (before my kids of course).

Well on Sunday my 4-legged child had a seizure. It occurred during my toddler's nap time which was the only fortunate thing about it. Frisco recovered and I spoke with my vet and made an appointment for Monday. Unfortunately, Frisco had a second seizure at 8 p.m. as we were just tucking our toddler into bed. I already had already gotten Lucas to sleep at 7:40 and he's been sleeping all night lately, so I packed up the dog and drove to the emergency vet. 

They took Frisco from me right away, but I was there from 8:30 to 11:30. This was a pretty anxious time for me. I knew Frisco was probably panting and also very anxious somewhere in the back, but I just had to sit and wait. I don't think a vet even saw my dog until 11:15. They admitted him for lab work, seizure medication, and overnight monitoring. 

Though it pained me, I left him there. They notified me in the morning that he had two more seizures overnight. He ended up staying one more night and came home on Tuesday morning. He is taking a seizure medication every 12 hours - I need to stock up on lunch meat to get him to take the pills! 

I am going to take him to see our regular vet today to get her opinion on his care. He's been somewhat lethargic since coming home and I wonder if it's the seizure medication or something else going on. 

Here's one of his best active photos!

Some Recent Hits...

Meal planning...I typically make our meal plans on Fridays. Then we grocery shop on Saturdays. I've been very consistent with this and it's working pretty well! You can see my basic format for meal planning in my post Meal Planning for a Young Toddler.

Daily prep...we are doing pretty well with this mostly due to my wonderful husband making our lunch salads each night. I did not make my toddler's Monday food on Sunday night since I was at the vet from the kid's bedtime until midnight. So we deviated from our meal plan a little and he had eggs for breakfast instead of overnight oatmeal and hummus toast and cottage cheese for lunch. (Target's Simply Balanced Super Green Organic Hummus is delicious. My son loves it and I love that it has kale and spinach in it!)

Baby sleep...Lucas has been doing great with sleeping overnight most nights. His bedtime has typically been 7:30-8:00 and he wakes between 6:30-7:30. I've noticed his daytime breast-feeding sessions have become longer, likely to make up for the calories he is missing from not having overnight feedings. His disposition has also been great lately! He will no longer take a pacifier at all...preferring only his thumb. But he is putting himself to sleep for every nap with no issues and for most bedtimes. He's been drooling a lot and I wonder if he will have some teeth by 4 months like his brother did. This picture of him propped up in Henry's chair cracks me up! (Read more about Sleeping Through the Night.)

Some Recent Misses...

Exercise...I worked out (spinning bike + yoga + weights) last night but before that I hadn't since Thursday night. We did go to the pool (more exercise walking there than actual swimming) and I vacuumed and mopped my home on Sunday which I consider a workout ;-)  My current goal is at 4 days per week which may be a bit lofty for me!

Toddler temper...since my toddler has developed some of those pesky toddler behaviors, I find my self looking at him and thinking he looks more and more like me. Hahaha! Really though, we've been experiencing some new and not pleasant behaviors such as screaming for no (good) reason...if he thinks his food is too hot, he dropped a toy, a toy isn't turned on, we're bathing his brother...etc. Picky eating is also making a semi-regular appearance. But my son is still so sweet and goes down for his nap promptly at 1 p.m. every day and bedtime at 8 p.m. every day without ever making a fuss. I hope that continues, good sleep makes both mom and toddler happy :-)

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
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