Friday, July 28, 2017

Five on Friday

Happy Friday! We have a busy weekend planned! We may make it to the pool and then we have company coming over for lunch tomorrow. Henry and I are also really looking forward to a mom and toddler play date we have on Sunday morning. My husband will be staying home for some baby bonding time and will probably be crossing his fingers that Lucas will take a bottle from him.

Five things that are occupying me lately...Photoshop, Booster-seat, Parenting Books, Minimalism, and Okja!  Read on...

1. Photoshop

My husband is trying to teach me some photoshop basics. I consider myself fairly computer savvy...I use accounting and charting software in my day job with a large hospital system. But photoshop is (WOW!) a little intimidating. Check out my projects so far in The Great Baby Wipe Off and Purely Pumpkin Ice Cream

Hopefully my pics will start to improve...but the fact is that my husband is the photographer and he is super busy between work and being an awesome dad. Most of the food and product pics you see on my site were taken by me, hence their very questionable quality ;-)  

Awesome Dad!

2. Booster-seat

We have finally transitioned Henry out of his high chair to a booster-seat at the table. We definitely used the high chair longer than he needed it, but he always liked it. To quote my 2-year old at meal time, "Want to get up in the big chair." 

I really wanted a booster-seat which food could not get stuck in. After an exhaustive search on Amazon and Buy Buy Baby, I purchased this gem for $13.86. I put a towel on my chair to protect the finish as several reviewers noted the feet of the seat ruined their chair, white may not have been the best color choice... 

I have no complaints so far! My son really likes the color green so he is all about sitting up in the new green chair. He also loves buckles so is happy as a clam to be buckled in. My husband has some concerns about safety because there really is no back or sides and I suppose the child could over balance and take the chair with them down to the ground. My son has shown no inclination in doing so, but we watch him closely and keep him pushed into the table.

We made the change so that Lucas could sit up near the table in the high chair if he's awake at mealtimes. He really likes to be a part of the action. No food yet though! I'm not planning on starting solids until 6 months. One of the nicer features of the Peg Perego is that the seat reclines. I scrubbed up all the crevices of this high chair a few days ago and am so grateful for the cute cover my mom made for it! I got this high chair used from some friends, see more of my comments about it in this post on Starting Solids.

3. New Parenting Books

Really excited about a few new books I have to read! I just finished up the last season of iZombie on Netflix so I'm thinking it is time to get back to reading while biking instead of watching TV.  

I've chosen Your Self-Confident Baby and Simplicity Parenting. I'm thinking the second book may also segue me into my #4...

4. Minimalism

I'm still delving into minimalism. I'm hoping to make an action plan for my family which my husband will agree to...he's very happy for me to pare down my stuff, but less agreeable about his stuff. 

As Lucas gets older and is outgrowing some baby items, I'm really excited to move some of these things out of my home! Luckily, we have some friends who are expecting!

Getting the swing out of the way creates more room for the Exersaucer which I bought used for $10 when I was pregnant the first time. I know Henry wasn't in it until closer to six months, but Lucas seems pretty impressed already! He's only doing short periods of time in it right now, ten minutes max.

5. Okja

My husband and I recently enjoyed Okja. This fictional movie could seriously make you question the choice to consume meat. It begins with an introduction to the "super pigs" but quickly transitions into a beautiful story about the friendship between a girl and the giant pig her grandfather was given to raise for 10 years at their farm in rural South Korea. When the company comes to collect Okja, you know things are going to go bad quickly. There are few surprises but, even though this is not a real pig (as my husband pointed out to me several times), I found some of the film difficult to watch as Okja's journey leads her to New York and into the realities of mass food production. This film is not suitable for children.

What's your favorite parenting book? 
Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 


  1. That's awesome that you're learning photo shop! I've never used it, but it seems really useful. My husband is definitely the photographer in our family too, though I'm trying to learn. My mom referred to me as a minimilist the other day and it caught me off guard - I definitely don't think I am, but I suppose it's all relative! I do really try not to collect too much baby "stuff" because we have a pretty small house and it takes up so much room. I hope you enjoy Your Self-Confident Baby! I just added Simplicity Parenting to my Amazon cart, it looks really interesting.

    1. I think your nursery and playroom definitely have a pleasant minimalist vibe! Our big issue is storage. We live in an area where few houses have basements. I'm from the mid-west and wow do people with basements take them for granted! I had my kids so close together because of my age, but it's really worked out for reusing baby items too. Now as baby #2 is outgrowing things, I am so excited to pass them on to friends and get them out of my house!