Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Baby Schedule 6 Months

Here's what Henry was doing...

Breastfeeding 7 times per day
Solid Food 2 times per day
Napping 4 times per day
Sleeping in his Crib Overnight 12 hours, up for 1 feeding

6 Months
6:00 Wake and Breastfeed
6:30 Nap with Daddy
8:00 Breakfast
9:00 Breastfeed
10:00 Nap
11:00 Breastfeed
1:00 Breastfeed
1:30 Nap
3:00 Breastfeed
4:00 Nap
5:00 Dinner
6:00 Breastfeed and Bed
Night time Breastfeed around 2 a.m.

We started eating solid food! The early morning nap was still going strong. On the few occasions he would skip this morning nap and not sleep until 8 a.m., he was cranky and I was cranky too!

6 Months

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