Monday, February 13, 2017

Preparing for Baby: Diaper Stations

I found diaper changing stations to be wonderful for a couple of months after delivery. They were especially useful to me because I had a c-section and I live in a 2-story house. If you are in a ranch style house or have a normal delivery, moving around your house to the changing table might not be a big deal for you after delivery. Consider your needs!

I used one diaper station downstairs in my living room on my couch and the other in my bed for overnight changes before my son started sleeping in his nursery. He moved to his nursery at around five weeks and upstairs diaper changes moved to his real changing table. I continued to use the downstairs set up until I returned to work from maternity leave, and even after we kept it stored downstairs for the occasional diaper change.

You don't need much to make an efficient changing station!

For my upstairs station in my bed, I used a soft sided bin from Ikea. I kept the bin in the middle of the bed just below my son's sleeping area, so the soft bin was ideal. I stocked with the following items:
  1. Newborn Diapers
  2. Package of Wipes with resealable top
  3. Pump of Hand Sanitizer
  4. Diaper Cream (I use A&D)
  5. A few Small Washcloths

I have 3 packages of Newborn diapers left from my first pregnancy, my son outgrew them too quickly! So I've stocked with those. I found the washcloths handy to have nearby and also kept a burp cloth in the bed, although my son never really spit up. 

For my downstairs station near the couch, I used a wooden box that came with Honest Company products, a welcome baby gift from my first pregnancy.

I stocked it similarly with:
  1. Newborn Diapers
  2. Package of Wipes in a re-usable wipes box
  3. Pump of Hand Sanitizer
  4. Diaper Cream (I use A&D)
  5. Bottom Spray (I love the Honest Co Soothing Bottom Wash)
  6. Changing Pad (this large Infantino Mat worked great)

I highly recommend an easy wipe changing pad to protect your furniture! I chose this pad because of its large dimensions (27 inches x 27 inches). Honestly, I wish I had two of them. But I just carried it upstairs with me most nights and used it in bed until Henry moved to his nursery. My only complaint was that the velcro sound would sometimes startle baby, so I just stopped latching the velcro. ***This particular mat is marketed as a play surface as well, I would not use it for that. It's not soft. It's polyester and feels like a vinyl or plastic, which is why it wipes off so great. 

At the time of baby #1, the Honest Company wipes did not come with resealable plastic tops so I invested in two of their Wipes Dispensers. They are a nice product, but if your wipes have a resealable top, they are unnecessary. I continue to use them (the other one is in Henry's nursery) because I like the stability of the box which has silicone feet and I like the silicone insert that the wipes pull out through, but I wouldn't have bought them if their wipes packages had resealable tops back then.

Downstairs I will keep some burp cloths and small washcloths nearby, but not with these supplies.

Henry was checking out the supplies...

But Frisco was less than enthused...

Have you found diaper changing stations helpful? What must have items would you recommend?

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