Friday, March 10, 2017

Finally Friday - Final Baby Prep

This is a banner Friday for me! It is my last day of work and the end of my 38th week of pregnancy. As you may know, my first baby was breech and therefore was born by c-section. He still came early, which rushed the c-section process leaving little time for nerves! (My First Birth Story)

This time around, I debated a scheduled c-section versus an attempted VBAC. Ultimately, my husband and I decided with my doctor to schedule a c-section, but if I went into labor before the scheduled date I would consider a VBAC if labor was progressing well. Now Friday has rolled in, my c-section is scheduled for Sunday, and (not to jinx myself!) I'm still pregnant.

Here's my son, sharing his thoughts on the limited space he currently has on my lap:

This week has been all about final preparations!

I'd like to say my nursery is complete, but I think it needs some additional pictures and a few more baby touches. The crib skirt and rail covers my mom made arrived and I was very excited to put them on. I'm so happy with the fabric we found and the embroidered animals are just adorable!

I also completed organization on my changing table and added some Shelf Paper to the shelves and inside the drawer.

My son loves to check out these cute 3 Sprouts Storage Bins. We had all black bins for this unit which used to hold photography equipment. But some of the bins were in poor condition and I wanted something more kid friendly, so supplemented 4 black bins with 4 of these cute character bins. The bins are pretty full already, I transferred baby items from my toddler's room to here.

The bassinet is ready in my bedroom. Since baby isn't going to sleep in it right away (I'll be co-sleeping using the changing pad as a raised co-sleeper for baby), I'm using it to store some outfits, blankets, etc. My in-laws are currently sleeping in the nursery which also serves as our guest room.

My diaper caddy to keep up on the bed is stocked and ready to go:

And my hospital bag is packed. It is supposed to be cold next week in Charlotte, so I also pulled out a zip up fleece cover for the carseat which we received as a hand-me-down but never used for my first son.

We have two new books for Henry, he just LOVES books.  The Storm Whale in Winter which is the sequel to The Storm Whale and further details the adventures of little Noi and How Do Dinosaurs Stay Safe which we just received as a gift from my thoughtful aunt and uncle. I'm a little unsure about the idea of telling him the books are from the baby, I think we will end up playing that by ear.

We were on the fence about whether or not to have Henry come to the hospital after the birth. But now the decision has been made for us. Flu season restrictions have finally started at the hospital which means no kids under 12 are allowed, even siblings. My son is still having trouble adjusting to bath and bedtime with his Nai Nai (grandma) so my husband may be driving home to put him to sleep each night. I worry about Henry more than anything else associated with giving birth a second time!

A few other things I'm doing...

I stocked up on Prune Juice, Smoothies, and Yogurt to bring to the hospital:

Typed up information about my son and dog for their caregivers:

And did some laundry...

We have no big plans for Saturday. I plan to eat light, stay very hydrated, and arrange everything so we can just get up and go on Sunday morning!

Please check back to meet the newest member of our family!

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