Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Bump Photography - Part 2

I have many fewer bump pictures from my second pregnancy... I think that may be the way of things for a lot of moms. It's harder to schedule in photos when you have a toddler and if you want the toddler to be happy and compliant to take part in the photos...well that is even more difficult! We've made more time for taking pictures towards the end of my second pregnancy. 

I casually mentioned in one Five on Friday post that I was waiting on photos to be edited and my husband got right on it. He's such a great guy! So here is Bump Photography: Part 2!

My post on Bump Photography from my first pregnancy is HERE. All our pictures are self-taken, by my husband or with the use of a tripod. We never considered hiring a maternity photographer to take pictures of our family together and give us more direction, but if you have the funds to do so a professional can direct a lot of the "classic" maternity picture shots you see on Pinterest.

After our first outside photo shoot at 34 weeks I was reminded of a lot of the tips I had forgotten from taking bump pictures the first time around! I was a little distracted during this shoot because it was COLD. See how bundled up my son is here!

He also wasn't very happy, if you couldn't tell by his expression...

My pose is poor in both of these pictures. The first, I'm turned too far toward the front and the one with my husband, I have the wrong hand on top of my bump which obscures it some and also makes my waist look weird...and not in a good way.

The next weekend was exponentially warmer, that's Charlotte, NC for you! I planned my outfit, and my son's, a little better. 

These are my two favorite shots:

If you compare them to the ones with my son and the one with my husband at the top of this post, you can see my husband made some color alterations in post-production. Really, I like both the natural light and the muted light equally. I could have used some photo shop work on my grey hair, but I didn't want to bother him and am trying not to be vain about it!

The next day, we ventured out again but just for a walk, not for a photo shoot. I'm not made up for anything but a walk! But these two turned out cute:

We were still working a lot on trying to get belly touching pictures with Henry. If you have a young toddler, teaching him "where's your belly" is the first step :-) Frisco was also happy to join us on this excursion.

My toddler is a little younger than the ones I've seen in so many of the staged maternity with toddler photos. A much wider range of photos is possible with an older toddler. 

At 36 weeks, the dog had a vet appointment on Saturday and we had a pretty busy weekend. On Sunday, we took some belly pictures in the photo studio but those aren't the type I share online.

At 37 weeks, we went to a local school to get a different backdrop. Here's our best family picture:

Belly touching wasn't happening this time, but my husband captured this nice one:

And finally, on Sunday we did active silhouette shots in the studio, very similar to a merged photo we did last time. We had the merged poses from my first pregnancy printed onto metal to hang on the wall, turned out fantastic, and I think I like the ones from this pregnancy even better!

The journey is almost over and I'm very excited to meet my little boy!

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