Friday, March 3, 2017

Five on Friday

I'm going to try to link this post to a little blogging party for "Five on Friday" where you share five thoughts on a Friday! However, with me being technologically challenged (still haven't figured out the WordPress software I downloaded...) and my husband being very busy, it may or may not work... Seemed like fun though and it's been a BUSY week so here I go...


Pregnancy photos are officially done until delivery time. We did our last planned photo shoots this past weekend. We've done several since 34 weeks, but my husband is way behind on photo editing so my post is also delayed! He completed this one to post to his Facebook site:

37 Weeks Baby #2
It's similar to the compilation we did with my first pregnancy, but Henry got to make an appearance instead of Frisco. 

37 Weeks Baby #1
Here's my initial post on Bump Photography.


Stomach bugs in toddlers are no joke. I guess we've been very blessed that this was our first major one at 20 months old. My son woke up vomiting on Monday night. No fevers, just vomit. The first time in the crib, not too much of a mess except we had to bathe him (poor baby) because it was all up in his hair. The second time he puked on my husband who was rocking him. I dodged the vomit there due to my 37 week pregnant belly. My poor baby dry heaved off and on the rest of the night. Thankfully, by Wednesday he was feeling better! 

Things I learned... Pedialyte comes in an appalling selection of bright colors. We had to go to 2 stores to find the variety without artificial color. Thinking on it, I don't believe my son has ever had "yellow #5," yuck... He drank the unflavored/uncolored one no problem. Our successful meal combo for re-starting foods was short grain brown rice which I cooked in the rice cooker then put in a sauce pan with a little water and chicken broth and cooked another 30 minutes until it was really breaking down mixed with some mashed banana.


I'm reading the book about the Whole 30 Diet: It Starts with Food. I have some friends who tried the plan and it certainly is all the rage currently. I was surprised to find out it's been around for over five years! In general, I'm not a big fan of exclusion type diets. I feel like people always lose weight on them because they cut out a bunch of foods (and alcohol!) and can't eat out much on the meal plans. But my preliminary online reading indicated this was not so much a diet to lose weight plan, but a diet for health plan. I'm a big fan of diet and nutrition books, I find them fascinating. The book has been a quick read so far, it's a little technical in some parts, but as a nurse that's the stuff I love! I've been considering some strategies to "reset" so to say after delivery.


My in-laws arrive tomorrow! I'm very relieved and thankful that they are coming a week prior to my delivery. My husband and I both recognize that we would love to live closer to family. But we are not planning a move to Minnesota or New Jersey anytime soon! Luckily, our parents are at retirement ages now so they have time to visit. My biggest worry at the end of my pregnancy has been the care of my son while I'm in the hospital. To compound the issue, visiting restrictions for flu season were finally activated (seems like spring outside!) so we couldn't bring him to the hospital even if we wanted to as children under 12 are not allowed. Although we have obviously planned some back-up care in case I go into early labor, I will feel much better once my in-laws are in the house to take care of him!


After around 6 months of play, I think I'm finally growing bored with SimCity BuildIt. I play on my iPad and it is a giant waste of time. I should be reading instead, or writing, or doing just about anything else. But it's relaxing to have a game to play and I love the city building aspect. I don't play on my phone so I am limited to play when I have wifi access. This is probably excellent timing because I doubt I'll have time to play anything with a newborn and a toddler!

Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a wonderful weekend!

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