Friday, April 14, 2017

Baby at One Month

The first month with a baby just flies by. Between not getting enough sleep, establishing breast-feeding, and company visiting the days were just gone before I knew it! I found the big difference between baby #1 and baby #2 has been relaxation time. With baby #1, my husband and I spent most days lounging on the couch watching Netflix while I breast-fed and baby slept snuggled up with one of us. With baby #2, there is more laundry to be done, toys to pick up, dishes to be washed...etc etc there is a toddler to be fed, bathed, and played with. If I'm fortunate that Lucas is sleeping while Henry is napping then I feel like there are chores to be done! 

Here's what we've been up to this first month...

1. Breastfeeding, Cluster Feeding, and Pumping. All in all, I've found breast-feeding to be so much easier this second time around. Lucas just snuggles into the cradle position and eats happily. I haven't used either of my breast-feeding pillows and have needed little nipple balm and no lanolin. 

Lucas was pretty sleepy his first two weeks at home. My first son was the same way! He liked to have awake time in the morning, then slept most of the day, followed by cluster feeding in the evening. He's transitioning into more regular awake time now, with feedings every two to three hours during the day, followed by awake time, and if I'm lucky then a nap. He was persistent about staying at every two hour feedings overnight this first month, but has now started doing some longer stretches at night. He has started evening fussy time (aka the witching hour) and has been settling in around 10 p.m. with a good sleep until waking to feed around 1-2 a.m. Then feeds again by 4-5 a.m. and again at 6-7 a.m. 

With my first son, I didn't pump until after one month. At that time my milk supply had regulated and I had a lot of trouble getting any milk while pumping. This time I started pumping after one week. I pump once per day (most days, not all) in the afternoon around one hour after feeding. Initially I got out around 2 oz, but am now at 4 oz. I could pump more, but I stop at 4 oz as I do not want to increase my supply any further. I am freezing those 4 oz bags. 

2. Newborn Pictures. In the first few weeks of life it is possible to manipulate baby into positions to get really cute newborn pictures. If you're using a professional photographer, you want to select one and make an appointment before baby is born. We did our own newborn pictures and despite the skill and equipment my husband has, they are quite difficult! One of the benefits of taking your own pictures is that you can do them whenever is convenient for you and baby. With my first son, I researched how to dye my own baby wraps...but I ended up purchasing these Wraps on Etsy instead in four colors: beige, grey, blue, and green. I watched some online videos on how to wrap and after two babies, I am not good at it at all... Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of Lucas:

We also did some family pictures:

My sweet husband touched up my grey roots :-) which leads me to my next category...time for mom...

3. An Excursion for Mom. I finally went to get my hair cut. I last had it dyed and cut ten months ago just prior to our beach trip for our toddler's first birthday. She took off around four inches to remove the damaged part and blew it beautifully straight. I haven't had it colored yet as I'm on the fence about removing the grey. I'm tempted to just let it be, or to try highlights to blend it rather than doing the more severe overall color.

4. Toddler Update. My toddler is doing great with his brother. We are still working on the concept of touching gently and making sure Henry isn't poking his fingers into Lucas's eyes. But in general, Henry is a happy go lucky boy who is more interested in his toys than in his brother. Additionally, having company this first month was very, very helpful. Henry received some new toys and enjoyed playing with his relatives. My husband was also off work and he is more fun than I am :-), so Henry really enjoyed all his play time with daddy. I'm looking forward to being able to pick up Henry again soon, I'm just waiting for the okay at my 6-week post partum check up. 

5. One Month Check Up. Lucas had an appointment with his pediatrician the day after discharge from the hospital. I deferred coming back a week later for a weight check. Flu season was in full force then and being as this was baby #2, my pediatrician was okay with us not coming back for the weight check. I weighed Lucas on our home scale (holding him) at around two and a half weeks and he came in at just over 9 pounds (7 + 14 at birth) so I knew he was gaining well. I could also see it as he quickly outgrew the newborn size diapers and sleepers! Sure enough, he weighed in at his one month check up at 11 pounds and 1 ounce. They also measured him at 3 inches longer than birth...I think most likely he was under-measured at birth than that he actually grew 3 inches this month!

6. The Most Challenging Thing. Ah, there are a lot of challenges with a newborn, but my husband and I were recently talking about bedtime and I think that has been the biggest challenge. Our toddler has been sleeping 12 hours pretty reliably overnight since 7 months old. We had grown very used to, even dependent on, him having a consistent bedtime between 7 and 8 p.m. with then some child-free time for ourselves. Losing that time to baby's unpredictable and round the clock schedule has definitely been one of the biggest adjustments. (Our toddler is still tucked in at 8 p.m. and sleeps until around 7:30 a.m.)

My must haves for this month were...

The Baby Bjorn carrier! Lucas is asleep within a few minutes in the carrier and The Rock 'n Play, great for downstairs naps! (Check out my earlier post: My Favorite Things)

My Diaper Stations!

Soothie Pacifiers, which we started offering after 3 weeks. He wasn't excited at first, but after a few tries he seems to like them. They are especially great if daddy is on baby duty or to soothe hiccups if baby already has a full tummy.

Milestones coming up for month two...

First bottle!

Lots of tummy time!

Possibly transitioning to overnight sleeping in the crib!

Please share! What do you remember most about your baby's first month?

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