Friday, July 14, 2017

A Different Sort of 4-Month Schedule

While my "Baby at 4 Months" post is hopefully coming soon...I wanted to touch on Lucas's schedule because it is so very different from Henry's Schedule. Looking back, because Henry didn't take regular naps in his crib right at 4 months he was frequently eating, staying up too long, and then eating again to fall asleep. 

Lucas has a pretty regimented eat, play, sleep day and it works so well for him! He is happy, eating great, and putting himself to sleep on his own. He will occasionally take a really long nap, but for the most part keeps his naps at 45 minutes to 1 hour. 

Here's what Lucas's typical day looks like...

4 Months ~ Baby #2
Breastfeeding 6 times per day
Napping 4 times per day
Sleeping in his crib overnight 12 hours (no feedings)

7:30 Wake and Breastfeed
9:00 Nap
10:00 Wake and Breastfeed
11:30 Nap
12:30 Wake and Breastfeed
2:00 Nap
3:00 Wake and Breastfeed
4:30 Nap
5:30 Wake and Breastfeed
7:00 Breastfeed and Bed 

I am actually waking Lucas up most mornings at 7:30. I let him sleep until he woke up naturally at 8:10-8:20 a few days...but I start work at 8:00 so that just didn't work for me at all! He has to get up and breastfeed before I start my workday. I open his door, turn off his white noise, and try to ease him into it.

Henry was still breastfeeding 8-9 times per day at this age. Lucas is only eating 6 times per day. He is still pretty chubby and the doctor said he looks great! I never really worry about how much he eats per feeding. He's been taking around 4 ounces if he bottle feeds, but I suspect he takes more at the breast. 

I'm feeling pretty rested and happy these days too! 


  1. That's so nice that you have such a consistent schedule! I definitely had the situation you described with your first one (eating again to sleep) for the first couple of months, but thankfully our little guy falls asleep on his own easily these days. We're working on finding the best times for naps now that he's gone from three to two naps right now.. hopefully we'll figure it out soon!

    1. I was lucky with my first son in that we dropped from 3 naps to 2 when we "sprung ahead" in the spring. He was just around 9 months old and that last nap had been starting around 4:30. I was able to push back the second nap a little and then keep his bedtime the same. The two naps to one was trickier for us, he flirted with it around 15 months but then settled back and didn't switch it up until 21 months. Best of luck!