Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Baby at Eleven Months

Time has flown by and Lucas will turn 1-year old in just less than a week's time, making this post very very late! But here it is, our 11-month update including Lucas's current schedule!

Baby Update!

Lucas is doing great on his 2-nap schedule. He has a few times slept through until 2 or 2:15 so he only took one nap those days, but that is not the norm by any means! I reduced him to 3 breast feedings right at 11 months in preparation of going to 2 feedings (first morning and bedtime) after his birthday.

7:30 Wake and Breastfeed
8:00 Breakfast
10:00 Nap
11:15 Wake and Lunch
1:30 Breastfeed
2:00 Nap
3:30 Wake and Snack
5:15 Dinner
7:00 Breastfeed and Bed

Lucas has had a little more difficult time weaning than my first son, I think because I had him on such a set eat/play/sleep schedule. He stayed on 2 naps, so to get down to 3 feedings I moved the mid-day feeding to not coincide with napping. He will get fussy at some point after lunch (usually between 1 and 2) and I will feed him then. Occasionally it ends up being right before his second nap, but not always. 

For hydration between breast feedings, he drinks water pretty well from both his Thermos Straw Bottle and his hard-spout Evenflo Tilty Cup (which I am sad to see is no longer available on Amazon). He tends to drip down his front some so water-resistant bibs are key.  I like these Just One You sets from Target which have a snap instead of velcro.

Lucas has pretty much waved good-bye to baby food! Such a change from my first baby who was still eating mostly purees with a few finger foods at this age. Lucas will accept some spoonfuls of overnight oats at breakfast in between eating his banana chunks, but mostly has decided he does not like utensils. His favorite foods include: sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, pork and tofu meatballs, bananas, apples, blueberries, Baby Muffins...and so much more! He absolutely hates avocado. I have tried it several times now and he actually removes it from his mouth and then throws it on the floor - of course!

Loving some Blueberry Pancakes!

I've tried a few new baby-led weaning recipes recently. My boys' favorite was these Pea Pancakes! I used chives instead of the spring onions, all-purpose flour with baking powder added, and pureed around 3/4 of the peas as I knew they would be picky if they actually saw the peas. My mix made 13 pancakes and I loved that it used the whole bag of frozen peas! Baby ate one and toddler ate 2 with some fruit for a healthy lunch. I kept some in the fridge and froze the rest.

Pea Pancakes

Cruising and crawling are Lucas's favorite activities. He is a crafty baby, going for all sorts of things which were previously out of his reach! He also really likes books, probably from watching his brother page though books so frequently. He likes pulling them off the shelf and is becoming adept at turning the pages of board books. His favorites right now are Smile, Pout-Pout Fish and Hide and Seek Harry at the Beach.

Mom Update!

I'm excitedly anticipating the end of mid-day breast feedings and the opportunity to wear regular tops again! Lucas has been clinging to me a lot lately. Although he has always preferred me, he is becoming even more particular and I'm hoping this improves with weaning.  Still, he is my last baby and his sweet snuggles are appreciated!

Toddler Update! 

Henry has been accepted into a Montessori preschool beginning in August and will attend school in the morning five-days a week. When I brought him to visit the school, he ran right away from me to see what the other kids were doing. I think he is developmentally very ready for preschool, but now our last hurdle is potty training successfully before August as he must be trained to attend the preschool.  

He still loves his games, puzzles, books, and coloring. He is also doing some more imaginative solo play, such as putting all his barn animals up on blocks:

He seems to enjoy solo play lately much more so than being around his brother. We asked him to sit with Lucas in the grass for a photo and this is what he did...

But I must tell you, this was our second attempt. The first attempt he actually sat on his brother. Facing the wrong way was an improvement ;-)

Please comment and also share your favorite potty training resource if you have one!


  1. That's exciting about the Montessori school! I hope he loves it :) My son is super clingy at particular times, and not at all at other times. I don't really get it lol. For example, he FREAKS out if my husband takes him in for bathtime instead of me. But he doesn't care at all when I drop him off at school - no tears or anything. I'm with you though, it is frustrating at times, but I love the cuddles :)

    1. Cuddles are the best! What is really amazing to me is the differences between my two boys. Things that worked with my first son don't work at all with my second LOL. I don't even think Henry cared if I was still there or not when I took him to see the school, he was so interested in what the other kids were doing!