Sunday, May 14, 2017

Baby at Two Months

I can't believe I only have 3 more weeks of maternity leave! The time has gone by so quickly and Lucas has grown so much. He turned two months old just a few days ago!

Read on for what we've been up to!

Baby Update!

Lucas has been waking up around 6:30 and I've been breastfeeding him this feeding in my bed. I really like this morning snuggle time and then we both can catch a quick nap before Henry wakes up at 7:30. Lucas wakes up again between 8 and 8:30. When he sleeps until 8:30, thereby missing most of Henry's breakfast time, it is so convenient for me! 

Lucas breastfeeds throughout the day, every 2-3 hours. Most days, he has been napping in his crib two to three times a day. Now, I can't get him to go to sleep in his crib. Once he is sleepy, I put him in the carrier and dance around for a few minutes. I let him sleep around five minutes in the carrier and then transfer him to his crib. I did Sleep/Nap Training with my first son at 4 months. Lucas will cry if put in his crib awake for a nap now and I'm not willing to let him cry. Occasionally I will put him in the swing during happy awake time and he will drop off to sleep for a nap! That is awesome when it happens but is not predictable like using the carrier.

Fussy time usually starts around 5:00. I can get him to nap in the carrier at that time but when I try to transfer him to the crib/swing/rock 'n play, he wakes up after only a few minutes and starts to cry. This fussy time continues through dinner time with my toddler. Lately, I have been getting him to nap in the carrier from 6-7:00 and then he will miraculously wake up happy! (I think we are coming to the end of witching hour behavior thank goodness!) We will have some happy awake time with daddy and brother and then he will breastfeed at 7:30. Sometimes he will go down to sleep at 8:00, but more often recently he is still wide awake and we will play for around 45 minutes. Then I put him to sleep in the carrier and transfer him to the crib at around 9. He wakes up sometime between midnight and 2 a.m. for breastfeeding and again at around 3-4:00 which finishes up the night!

This is definitely not reflective of every day. Some days are more challenging than others, and on those days I try to enjoy all the smiles I can coax out of him...

Baby Smiles!

Lucas just had his two month check-up. He weighed 13 pounds 6 ounces and was 23 1/4 inches long. My husband was sad he was unable make it to the appointment. Just like with the one-month visit, I took Lucas inside in the carrier instead of lugging in the carseat which worked great. 

Mom Update!

Me and my Boys

I've been doing well. I haven't lost any weight in the past month, but my stomach is looking flatter. Along with walking, I've added in squats, calf raises, and arm exercises with 5 lb weights which I do a few times a day whenever Lucas is in the carrier - he likes to help me with my workouts :-)  I plan to start using my spinning bike again at night once Lucas is going to bed more consistently. I'd like to not spend a whole year losing these last ten pounds like I did after my first pregnancy, but it's really not a priority for me at this time.

Due to breastfeeding, I've been practicing portion control with my drinks by using smaller vessels... 

An 8 oz mug for coffee (1/2 full with milk), my hubby gets the rest remaining in the French Press. 

And 6 oz of beer at a time, save the rest in the fridge for later or my hubby will drink it. Great spring/summer beer from Dogfish Head "Flesh & Blood IPA"!

In the eating realm... I finally made some broccoli quinoa bites! There are a bunch of recipes online, but I used the one from A Healthy Slice of Life. I used 2 tsp of granulated garlic instead of the garlic cloves and added an extra egg because I had a little more broccoli than the recipe called for after pulverizing it in my food processor and I was worried about them staying together. They turned out great and my toddler ate his "muffin" happily. I froze nine of the bites and had plenty left for the fridge.

Toddler Update!

Henry is doing well. He loves his books more than anything. When I'm taking care of Lucas and him, it helps that I know most of his books by heart. Henry likes to turn to each page and ask what it says. He will also complete the story if you leave words out - this "reading together" is a lot of fun! Here I'm breast-feeding Lucas in the same room while Henry and I read together. The book he is paging through was a gift from my husband's sweet aunt and uncle, it's a book by Bob Dylan called If Not for You.

Henry has a dedicated 30 minutes for games on his iPad just prior to dinner. Man does he love the iPad, he does a whole dance when it's time to play. He really likes the "Lonely Beast" counting app in the pic below.

Our yearly family photo album from Shutterfly arrived with a dented corner. These large albums aren't cheap so I notified Shutterfly and they sent me a replacement copy. I gave Henry the one with the dented corner and he just LOVES to look at it. We are working on pronouns as he has been mixing up "I" versus "me" versus "you."

He's becoming skilled at building a tower with his Chinese animal blocks. Henry knows all the animals in Chinese now! He thinks all the animals should make a in Old McDonald...I'm not sure what to tell him for a Hedgehog or a Salamander LOL.

Doing "upside down" is also a favorite activity. He likes it when I do downward dog with him :-)

Henry also recently had a little photo shoot in the studio:

22 months!

I hope all you moms out there enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day!

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